URL Shortener

URL Shortener

Since the dawn of the internet links have been how you get from one place to another online. URL shorteners make it easier to share and manage long URLs. A link shortener will trim your links into polished URLs. Your new, shorter URL will typically include the shortener sites address, plus a combination of random letters. In some cases, you can even customize this mini URL with a custom phrase. Bear in mind that a URL shortener is the same as a link shortener is the same as a link shrinker, a link compressor, a URL condenser and a vanity URL creator.

What are the Advantages of URL Shorteners

Beyond the functional benefits of a shortened URL, theyre just snappier and easier to remember. A shorter link looks cleaner and more trustworthy than a longer one. Despite being called URL Shorteners, one of the key benefits of shortening links is actually the ability to track how your audience engages with your links. URL shorteners can help you avoid excessively long and confusing URLs or any which contain jumbles of letters and numbers. So, to sum up, the main advantages of a short link are that it is, in fact, short, looks neat and clean and can be easily communicated and entered without error.

What are the Drawbacks of URL Shorteners

Link shortening is a popular tool with spammers because it hides the true identity of the landing page URL. A short URL obscures the target address and can be used to redirect to an unexpected site. Although disguising of the underlying address may be desired for legitimate business or personal reasons, it is open to abuse. Google's url-shortener discussion group has frequently included messages from frustrated users reporting that specific shortened URLs have been disabled after they were reported as spam. As long as your custom short URL domain relates to your brand and is used regularly, people will trust your links. Many services are free and offer no service level agreement, which means the user must trust the service's ability to keep its servers secure. Another potential downside is that if the URL shortener shuts down, the link will no longer redirect to the correct location.

Well Known URL shorteners

A custom, or branded URL shortener, is when youve connected your own custom domain to a URL shortener which acts as a base for all the short links you create however there are many commercial URL shorteners available. As such, it is important to research which link shortener provides the customization options that you need. TinyURL is a free link shortening platform that's perfect for users who have one-off links they want to shorten. Bitly Enterprise also has advanced analytics features and uses Bitly data to provide advanced social insight tools for companies and brands. While Rebrandly is a URL shortener much like any other, its appeal is slightly unique. Rebrandly includes tools for tracking the popularity of each link and automatic QR code generation, too. Hyperlink is a URL shortener with a mobile twist. Similar to Polr, Yourls is free and open-source. ly is a link shortener thats included in every free Hootsuite account.


A URL shortener ensures that you get the right messages out to your audience without taking up too much space in your social posts. Shortening your links will make them easier to share and track performance. This is especially true when sharing URLs on micro-blogging platforms, or in mobile messaging applications. These short URL links can either be permanent or expire after a set period depending on the options available by the short URL generator. The best link shorteners constantly scan and disable spam-related short links from redirecting. Even though link shorteners are very ideal, its critical to remember to create short links that dont potentially ruin your brand reputation. There are a lot of services out there that can help you shorten your URLs, rebrand them, and track incoming traffic from them.

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